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Benson School
Benson Wrestling
Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg School
Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg Wrestling
Ortonville School
Ortonville Wrestling

Sunday, November 29, 2015

PREVIEW: Section 5A Wrestling

By Roger Mischke

The Mat Rat is back!  He opens his look at the 2015-16 wrestling season with a preview of Section 5A.

FAVORITES:  Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg and Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa

The Fighting Saints of Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg posted good dual meet marks of 17-6 last season.  They were a final four team in Section 3A and they won six regular season tournament championships.

They have back one returning state place winner, seven returning section place winners and five with a great deal of experience. They did graduate five last spring, including four section place winners, of which three were state place winners.

Despite the loss through graduation, look for the Fighting Saints to challenge those dual meet numbers from last year and to make a strong challenge to defend those regular season honors. Look for this young team to make steady improvement over the course of the season. They should make a strong challenge for section honors in what should be a very balanced section dual meet campaign.

The key leaders should be Karter VanHeuveln, Derrick Krieger, Jonathon Tostenson, Colton Kinney and Dylan Rudningen throughout the season.

The Jaguars of Belgrade Brooten Elrosa posted very good dual meet numbers last season of 14-5. They went 5-1 in the CMC and they were Section 5A runnerup.

Back from that team are four returning state qualifiers, five section place winners and three others with a great deal of experience. They graduated three section place winners, but despite that loss look for the Jaguars to continue to improve over the course of the season.

They have added some new and very challenging events to their schedule this season. They should challenge those dual meet numbers, possibly challenge for CMC honors and they should make a strong challenge for section dual meet honors.

Adam Jaeger, Tyler Bents, Colby Schramel and Ben Feuerhake should be their key leaders throughout the season.

DARK HORSES:  Royalton and Holdingford

The Royals have back from last year's team four returning state qualifiers; including one state place winner, four section place winners and two with experience. They did graduate two last spring, but despite that look for this young team to make a big improvement on their dual meet marks.

If they stay healthy and can fill in with some of their young wrestlers; they could challenge for Park Region Conference honors and challenge for a top four spot in what should be a pretty balanced section dual meet campaign.

Brad Kroll, Kyle Lange, Jackson Held, Clint Gadacz and Michael Petron should  be their key leaders throughout the season.

The Huskers of Holdingford posted good dual meet numbers of 12-11 last season and they were a final four team in section 7A last season. Back from that team are six section place winners and five others with a great deal of experience. They did graduate eight last spring, including five section place winners, two were state qualifiers, of which one won a state championship, pretty hard to fill those shoes.

But look for the Huskers to challenge those dual numbers from last season. Possibly move up in the CMC standings and make a challenge for a top four spot in this balanced section dual meet campaign.

Walker Nienaber, Tony Kierstead, Nolan Prokatt and Alex Lange should be their key leaders throughout the season.

CHALLENGERS:  Look for Wolves of Long Prairie/Browerville, the Silverstreaks of Osakis and the Bulldogs of Paynesville all possibly make a strong challenge for one of those top four spots in this balanced section.

The Wolves will return, three state qualifiers, plus a place winner two years ago and ten with experience. The Silverstreaks will have back one state place winner, three section place winners and nine with experience. The Bulldogs will have back one state qualifier, four section place winners and four with experience.

There are five state tourney medal winners back from last season including: Thomas Stageberg earned third place at 120 from New London-Spicer, Noah Becker earned fourth place at 120 from LPGE/BROW, Brad Kroll earned 2nd at 160 from Royalton/Upsala, Brendan Coyer earned fifth at 126 from Osakis and Karter VanHeuveln earned fifth place at 195 from Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg.

There are a total of eleven state qualifiers returning from last year's state tourney action: Adam Jaeger, Colby Schramel, Tyler Bents and Ben Feuerhake of Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, Kyle Lange, Jackson Held and Clint Gadacz of Royalton/Upsala, Shawn Rue of Paynesville, Jadon Buntjer and Nicholas Middendorf of LPGE/Browerville and Weston Lardy of Minnewaska Area.

Look for the following wrestlers: Caleb Collins, Jacob Carlson and Wyatt Jones of KMS, Kaleb Voss, Ben Thompson, Joe Reller and Isaiah Gilbert of BBE, Ty Held and Jason Kasella of Royalton/Upsala, Colton Waldvogel, Gage Zieske and Seth Johnson of Osakis, Josh Soine and Sam Stageberg of New London-Spicer, Miguel Ambriz, Austin Chyba and Thomas Pesta of LPGE/BROW, Ryan Skroch and Aaron Maleska of Holdingford, Patrick Kranz, Grant Ludwig and Alex Mages of Paynesville, Grant Ascheman, Mitchell Koosman and Jarid Wersinger of Benson, Benjamin Eustice, Joseph Eustice, Elijah Cloose and Danny Eastman of Ortonville and Spencer Winter of Minnewaska to challenge for medals at the end of the season.


Head Coach: Wes Haglund

Enrollment: 139

Section 5A

17-6 Overall Duals

Final 4 Section 3A

Twelve Section Place Winners  Four State Qualifiers  Four State Place Winners

First Place Willmar "Cardinal Classic" Invitational: 254 Pts. (14 Placers)

First Place Redwood Valley "River Riot" Invitational: 156 Pts. (6 Placers)

Second Place Alexandria "Big Ole" Invitational: 192 Pts. (13 Placers)

First Place Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa "Jaguar" Invitational: 167 Pts. (11 Placers)

First Place Melrose "Early Bird" Invitational: 225.5 Pts. (12 Placers)

First Place Morris "Doctor Busian" Invitational: 235.5 Pts. (13 Placers)

First Place Osakis "Silverstreaks" Duals: (4-0)

Returning Wrestlers:

Karter VanHeuveln        12th            31-12          2nd Sec./5th State

Colton Kinney                12th            31-11          3rd Section

Jonathan Tostenson     10th            29-13          4th Section

Dylan Rudningen             9th            27-13          3rd Section

Derrick Krieger               11th            26-14          4th Section

Israel Rodriquez            10th            25-17          4th Section

Caleb Collins                 10th            20-12          4th Section

Jacob Carlson               11th            21-21          6th Section

Wyatt Jones                   10th            20-21

David Gordon                12th            14-13

Matthew Collins             11th            11-15

Nathan Torkelson          12th              5-11

Jake Magaard                11th              4-9

Jacob Carlson                 9th              3-10


Zachary Carlson            45-1            1st Sec./3rd State         (201-34 Career)

Jordan Engler                34-4            1st Sec./3rd State         (184-33 Career)

Nicholas Meyer              36-5            2nd Sec./4th State        (118-55 Career)

Aaron Collins                  20-11          5th Section

Simon Johnson              12-13                                                 (25-29 Career)


Head Coach: Jack Mueller

Enrollment: 175

Section 5A

14-5 Overall Duals  5-1 Central Minnesota Conference

Final 4 Section 5A

Twelve Section Place Winners  Four State Qualifiers

Second Place New London-Spicer "Wildcats" Invitational: 165.5 Pts. (12 Placers)

Third Place Paynesville "Bulldog" Invitational: 168.5 Pts. (12 Placers)

Second Place Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa "Jaguar" Invitational: 167 Pts. (11 Placers)

Fifth Place West Central Area "Grant County" Invitational: 116.5 Pts. (8 Placers)

Fifth Place Maple Grove "Crimson" Invitational: 125 Pts. (8 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Ben Feuerhake              12th            31-6            1st Section/AC

Colby Schramel             12th            33-9            2nd Section/AC

Adam Jaeger                  10th            31-15          2nd Section/AC

Tyler Bents                       9th            24-16          2nd Section/AC

Ben Thompson               12th            24-11          3rd Section

Joe Reller                        12th            24-17          4th Section

Kaleb Voss                      12th            23-20           3rd Section

Isaiah Gilbert                   10th            20-20          6th Section

Spencer Amundson        11th            13-25

Canon Swanson               8th              8-11

Jonah Voss                      11th              7-26          6th Section

Trevor Kern                      10th              4-8


Josey Tensen                31-7            3rd Section/AC     (116-62 Career)

Steven Mady                  22-21          4th Section

Cory Rust                         6-21          6th Section


Head Coach: TBA

Enrollment: 211

Section 5A

4-13 Overall Duals  0-3 Park Region Conference

Ten Section Place Winners  Four State Qualifiers  One State Place Winner

Fourth Place Park Region Conference: 116 Pts. (8 Placers)

Sixth Place Faribault "Dick Shiels" Invitational: 92 Pts. (6 Placers)

Eight Place PEM "Bulldog" Invitational: 69 Pts. (5 Placers)

Fourteenth Place Foley "Tom Keeting Memorial" Invitational: 50.5 Pts. (3 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Brad Kroll                      12th            30-11          1st Sec./2nd State(AC

Kyle Lang                      12th            18-2            1st Section/AC

Jackson Held                  9th            24-14          1st Section/AC

Ty Held                           11th            20-13          4th Section

Clint Gadacz                  12th            18-8            2nd Section/AC

Micheal Petron              11th              2-1            Injured 2yrs. ago 18-8 1st Sec.

Damien Theisen              9th            10-17          5th Section

Kyle Zimmerman           10th              7-14          6th Section

Randale Fernelius         11th              4-24          6th Section

Carson Huls                      9th              3-7


Kyle Dalton                    15-13          5th Section

Joel Zimmerman            15-19          5th Section


Head Coach: Joey Andreasen

Enrollment: 233

Section 5A

14-10 Overall Duals  1-2  Park Region Conference

Final 4 Section 5A

Eight Section Place Winners  Five State Qualifiers  Three State Place Winners

Second Place Park Region Conference: 163 Pts. (9 Placers)

Second Place Melrose "Early Bird" Invitational: 178 Pts. (11 Placers)

Fourth Place Shakopee "Sabers" Invitational: 124 Pts. (9 Placers)

Sixth Place Albany "Purple Pride" Invitational: 91 Pts. (7 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Brendon Coyer              12th            34-7            1st Sec./5th State/AC

Seth Johnson                11th            24-9

Gage Zieske                   10th            24-12          6th Sec./ALL (Alexandria)

Colton Waldvogel          10th            17-8            All Conference

Ronald Towle                 12th            15-14

Darrin Stoetzel               11th            17-13

Logan Hartshorn             9th            12-8

Garrett Sunder              12th            12-29          4th Section

Sabastian Sunder         10th              3-9

Triston Stoetzel               9th              4-10

Conrad Wiener              11th              3-20

Dominic Strom              10th              1-20

Isaac Mattson                10th              1-9


Trenton Coyer               32-9            2nd Sec./5th State/AC   (142-43 Career)

Ryan Engfer                  28-11          3rd Section/AC              (113-87 Career)

Nils Hagen                     24-7            1st Sec./6th State/AC    (83-48 Career)

Tyler Spanswick            18-6            2nd Section/AC              (71-55 Career)

Mitch Sunder                 26-13          2nd Section                    (68-55 Career)

Austin Sunder                  1-11


Head Coach: Tim Roberg

Enrollment: 251

Section 5A

6-25 Overall Duals   2-6 West Central Conference

Seven Section Place Winners   Three State Qualifiers  One State Place Winner

Sixth Place West Central Conference: 116 Pts. (9 Placers)

Sixth Place Paynesville "Bulldogs" Invitational: 92 Pts. (8 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Shawn Rue                       9th            35-5            1st Section/AC

Grant Ludwig                 10th            20-20          3rd Section

Patrick Kranz                 11th            16-17          3rd Section

Alex Mages                    11th            13-23          3rd Section

Conner Meagher            10th            10-31

Nick Gabreilson             11th              8-31

Garth Utsch                    11th              8-25

Cameron Schmitz          11th              4-19          4th Section

Lucas Peterson              11th              4-20


Anthony Wendlandt      36-6            1st Sec./3rd State/AC    (83-29 Career)

Jacob Mages                 28-3            1st Section/AC              (109-56 Career)


Head Coach: Logan Oellien

Enrollment: 321

Section 5A

12-11 Overall Duals  3-3 Central Minnesota Conference

Eleven Section Place Winners   Two State Qualifiers  State Champion

Fifth Place Paynesville "Bulldogs" Invitational: 125.5 Pts. (9 Placers)

Sixth Place Willmar "Cardinal Classic" Invitational: 91 Pts. (8 Placers)

Seventh Place Foley "Tom Keating Memorial" Invite: 101 Pts. (6 Placers) 3 Champs

Fourth Place Rogers "Royal Rumble" Duals

Twenty-Fourth Place Cass Lake "Big Bear" Invitational: 33 Pts. (1 Champion)

Returning Wrestlers:

Walker Nienaber           11th            20-14           4th Section

Tony Kierstead              11th            19-18          4th Section

Alex Lange                      9th            22-17          3rd Section

Nolan Prokott                11th            19-18          4th Section

Aaron Maleska              11th            19-21          5th Section

Ryan Skroch                  12th            17-21          3rd Section

Phillip Doll                     12th              4-12

Avery Christensen        10th              5-16

James Welle                    8th              4-5

Brandon Skroch            10th              2-12


Nathan Brinker              32-0            1st Sec./1st State/AC    (88-28 Career)

Zach Scott                      41-8            1st Section/AC              (114-46 Career)

Matt Messman               14-4            3rd Section

Jamey Koetter               17-19          6th Section

Taylor Nitz                      11-22          6th Section

Jake Knettel                     7-3            Injured                           (64-22 Career)

Jake Langer                   14-10

Tazz Taflinger                   2-3

Weston Lumley                2-11


Head Coach: Jacob Lorentz

Enrollment: 238 LPGE/118 Browerville  (356 Total)

Section 5A

9-12 Overall Duals  2-1 Park Region Conference

Four Section Place Winners  Four State Qualifiers  One State Place Winner

Fourth Place Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa "Jaguar" Invitational: 142 Pts. (11 Placers)

4th Place West Central Area "Grant County" Invite: 121.5 Pts. (9 Placers/12 Teams)

Fourth Place Parkers Prairie "Knight Hawk" Invitational: 145. 5 Pts. (9 Placers)

Third Place Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa "Jaguar" Invitational: 133 Pts. (7 Placers)

Seventh Place Park Region Conference: 96 Pts. (8 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Noah Becker                   12th            41-8            2nd Section/4th State/AC

Nicholas Middendorf     12th            27-13          2nd Section

Jadon Buntjer                 12th            28-12          2nd Section

Miguel Ambriz                 12th            19-0            (2nd Sec./30-6 2 yrs. ago)

Austin Chyba                  12th            18-10

Keegan Cavallero            10th            19-22

Thomas Pesta                  10th            16-12          Injured

Dalton Butler                    10th            16-24

Gabe Pesta                      8th            11-23

Remington Meagher      11th            12-21

Damian Lange               12th              9-9

Dawson Quistorff          10th              4-12

Nye Becker                      8th              6-8

Kellen Pulliam                 9th              3-7


Creg Donabauer            31-11          2nd Section

Nick Becker                     1-11


Head Coach: Matt Bisek

Enrollment: 345

Section 5A

12-8 Overall Duals  3-2 Wright County Conference

Ten Section Place Winners  Four State Qualifiers  Two State Place Winners

Fourth Place Alexandria "Big Ole" Invitational: 124.5 Pts. (9 Placers)

Second Place Perham "Barrel of Fun" Invitational: 164 Pts. (12 Placers)

Third Place New London-Spicer "Wildcat" Invitational: 153.5 Pts. (11 Placers)

Third Place Maple Grove "Crimson" Invitational: 133.5 Pts. (7 Placers)

Fifth Place Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa "Jaguar" Invitational: 74 Pts. (4 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Thomas Stageberg        12th            38-5            1st Sec./3rd State/AC

Josh Soine                     11th            23-6            3rd Section

Sam Stageberg              10th            21-19          6th Section

Nathan Thein                  10th            10-7

Chad Morton                    9th              4-5

Carston Toedter             10th              1-4

Cade Barrett                     8th              2-10


Treyton Austvold           34-3            1st Sec./1st State/AC    (174-57 Career)

Brandon Knisley            27-6            2nd Section/AC              (79-52 Career)

Noah Welsh                    26-8            1st Section/AC

Logan Eckhoff                26-7            3rd Section                    (67-40 Career)

Jared Travis                    18-15          5th Section

Dylan Peterson                9-26          6th Section

Ben Tiffany                       7-24

Jacob Travis                     7-24          5th Section

Zach Swigerd


Head Coach: Randy Weber

Enrollment: 234

Section 5A

8-13  Overall Duals   3-4 West Central Conference

Five Section Place Winners

First place Parkers Prairie "Knight Hawk" Invitational: 173 Pts. (11 Placers)

First Place Benson "Braves Classic" Invitational: 252.5 Pts. (13 Placers)

Fifth Place Morris "Doctor Busian" Invitational: 118 Pts. (11 Placers)

Seventh Place West Central Conference: 98 Pts. (7 Placers)

Eight Place Willmar "Cardinal Classic" Invitational: 68.5 Pts. (7 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Grant Ascheman           12th            27-13          3rd Section/AC

Mitchell Koosman         12th            19-8

Aaron Zosel                   10th            20-12          5th Section

Jarid Wersinger             11th            14-18          All Conference

Chris Young                    11th            11-18

Dan Lenarz                     10th            14-16

Jarid Knutson                  9th            14-15

Hunter Mondor                 9th              9-24          6th Section

Austin Whitcup               11th              6-20

Drake Pierce                    10th              2-10

Wyatt McGee                      9th              3-11

Ty Wersinger                      8th              2-11

Jordan Bartz                     10th              2-20

Ross Grussing                  11th              1-5

Anthony Johnson             11th              1-4

Miquel Martinez                   9th              1-12

Clay Molden                         9th              1-3


Trevor Berreau              28-12          6th Section/AC     (55-79 Career)

Matt Wieber                   23-17          6th Section/AC     (45-81 Career)

Dakota Watkins             15-26

Tyler Smith                    13-16

R.J. Hoarele                    5-7

Kyle Wrobleski                2-9


Head Coach: Dieken Swalla

Enrollment: 273

Section 5A

1-14 Overall Duals   0-8 West Central Conference

Nine Section Place Winners   Three State Qualifiers

Fourth Place Benson "Braves Classic" Invitational: 121 Pts. (6 Placers)

Eight Place Parkers Prairie "Knight Hawk" Invitational: 85 Pts. (5 Placers)

Eight Place West Central Conference: 80 Pts. (6 Placers)

Ninth Place Willmar "Cardinal Classic" Invitational: 53.5 Pts. (4 Placers)

Eight Place Alexandria "Big Ole" Invitational: 46 Pts. (4 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Weston Lardy                12th            30-12          2nd Section

Spencer Winter             12th            19-14          4th Section

Marcelo Arrendondo     12th            16-26          4th Section

Mason Blair                      8th            15-18          4th Section

Dylan Jergenson             8th              6-23          6th Section

Tyler Vanluik                    8th              4-5            4th Section

Tyler Anderson              10th              2-6

Mateo Arrendondo           8th              2-10          6th Section


Joseph Weaver             27-9            1st Section/AC     (104-40 Career)

Caleb Blaisdell              33-8            2nd Section/AC    (74-46 Career)


Head Coach: Joe Eustice

Enrollment: 152

Section 5A

Dual Meet Record Unknown

Third Place Benson "Braves Classic" Invitational: 132.5 Pts. (11 Placers)

Sixth Place Badger Invitational: 54 Pts. (5 Placers)

Sixth Place Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa "Jaguar" Invitational: 32 Pts. (3 Placers)

Ninth Place Parkers Prairie "Knight Hawk" Invitational: 62 Pts. (7 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Benjamin Eustice          10th            23-13

Elijah Cloose                  10th            20-20

Danny Eastman               9th            18-18

Tritan Eastma                12th            12-19

Joseph Eustice              12th            10-16

Tyler Jacobson               11th              9-17

Cody Bedore                   12th              7-10

James Erickson              11th              6-15

Andrew Pillatzki               9th              6-13

Mike Roach                      11th              5-17

Cody Ballard                     9th              5-17


Robert Wood                 11-18

Travis Westlund            14-13


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