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Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley School
Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley Wrestling
Herman-Norcross School
Herman-Norcross Wrestling
Wheaton School
Wheaton Wrestling

Sunday, November 29, 2015

PREVIEW: Section 6A Wrestling

By Roger Mischke

The Mat Rat previews the wrestling teams in the always competitive Section 6A.

FAVORITES: West Central Area/Ashby and Barnesville

The Knights of West Central Area posted great dual meet numbers last season, 25-4, Park Region Conference champions, Section 6A champions and Class A 6th place honors.

Back from team are; a state place winner, four state qualifiers, five section place winners and nine with experience. They did graduate four section place winners last spring, including two state qualifiers; of which one was a state placer.

Despite the loss through graduation, look for this team to continue to improve, they should challenge those dual meet marks from last season. Also look for them to make a strong challenge to defend their regular season honors and Section 6A honors. They could be one of the top teams in the state in class A, if they do avoid injuries and do continue to improve.

Jake Nohre, Buzz Miller, Jake Larkin, Drake Swenson, Keaton Long, Sid Kamarath and Kaden Spindler to be their key leaders throught out the season.

The Trojans of Barnesville posted good 13-5 dual meet marks, despite dealing with some injuries thru out the season. They earned Section 6A runner up honors, along with several regular season honors.

They have back from that team; four state qualifiers, three section place winners and three with experience. They did graduate four very good wrestlers last spring, of which three were state qualifiers.

Despite their big loss through graduation, look for the Trojans to challenge those dual meet marks from last season. Look for them to make a strong challenge for section honors.

This is still a young team; so the sky is the limit; just how much they could improve over the course of the season. Connor Meyer, Bradey Berg, Brady Tweeton, Kieran Johnson and Brady Martz should be their key leaders thru out the season.

DARKHORSES: Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale and New York Mills

The Raiders of Bertha Hewitt/Verndale posted 6-13 dual meet marks last season, despite some major injuries to key wrestlers.

They have back two state qualifiers, three section place winners and six with experience. They did graduate four section place winners last spring, including two state qualifiers, of which one was a runner up.

Despite that big loss through graduation, they should challenge those dual meet marks, if they stay healthy. Look for the Raiders to make a strong challenge for a top four spot in this very even (2-6) dual meet campaign.

Ethan Kimber, Holt Truax, Zach Waln and Charlie Nienaber should be their key leaders throughout the season.

The Eagles of New York Mills posted solid 10-11 dual meet marks last season and they were a final four team in section 6A.

Back from that team are one state qualifier, five section place winners and seven with a great deal of experience. They did graduate two very good seniors last spring, both were section place winners.

Despite the loss through graduation, look for the Eagles to improve on those dual meet marks and to have an exciting season. They should make a strong challenge for one of those top four spots in this even, (2-6) dual meet campaign.

Sam Erkenbrack, Jake Erkenbrack, Matt Frost, Jett Saewert and Nick Hendrickx should be their key leaders throughout the season.

CHALLENGERS: Staples-Motley and Border West

Look for the Cardinals of Staples-Motley and the Buccaneers of Border West to challenge for one of those top four spots in this section dual meet campaign.

The Cards have two state qualifiers back, six section place winners and one with experience. The Buccaneers have back; one state qualifier, four section place winners and four with experience.

There are two state tourney medal winners back from last season: Jake Nohre earned second at 106; from West Central Area; Alex Erpelding earned fifth place at 145; from Staples/Motley.

There are a total of 15 state qualifiers returning from last year's state tourney action: Buzz Miller, Keaton Long, Blake Amundson and Kaden Spindler of West Central Area; Connor Meyer, Brady Tweeten, Kieran Johnson and Brady Martz of Barnesville; Eric Lisson of Staples/Motley; Sam Erkenbrack of New York Mills; Ethan Kimber and Holt Truax of Bertha Hewitt/Verndale; Justin Mattocks of Prairie Valley; Tracer Lee of Border West and Treyton Hought of Breckenridge.

Look for the following wrestlers: Levi Larkin and Tyler Onstad of West Central Area; Chase Brenner, Andrew Trowbride of Barnsville; Zach Frost, Mason Friedericks, Jesse Roberts and Johnny Flynn of New York MIlls; Ethan Orlando of Bertha Hewitt/Verndale; Blayne Dumprope, Blake Gerard and Kyle Gerard of Staples/Motley; Josh McKeown, Tom Leeseburg and Trevor Arceneau of Prairie Valley; Hobet Diaz, Alex Diaz and Dakota Pixley of Pelican Rapids; Carter Behrens and Eric Schwagel of Border West; Steve Erckenbrack, Chase Godel, Mason Snyder and Blaine Snyder of Wadena/Deer Creek; Tyler Vold and Travis Miranowski of Breckenridge to challenge for medals at the end of the season.


Head Coach: Brandon Gruchow
Enrollment: 169 WCA/69 Ashby/102 Brandon-Evansville
Section 6A

25-4 Overall Duals 3-0 Park Region Conference Champions
Class A State 6th Place
Section 6A Champions
Thirteen Section Place Winners Six State Qualifiers Two State Place Winners

Second Place Cass Lake "Big Bear" Invitational: 152.5 Pts. (6 Placers)
First place Park Region Conference: 214 Pts. (14 Placers)
Second Place Morris "Doctor Busian" Invitational: 177 Pts. (12 Placers)
Third Place West Central Area "Grant County" Invitational: 139 Pts. (8 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Jake Nohre 11th 41-5 1st Sec./2nd State/AC
Buzz Miller 12th 35-9 2nd Section/AC
Jake Larkin 12th 34-12 3rd Section/AC
Drake Swenson 11th 33-12 4th Section/AC
Kaden Spindler 10th 34-10 1st Sec. (Transfer Border West)
Sid Kamarath 12th 25-18 3rd Section
Keaton Long 11th 22-13 2nd Section/AC
Tyler Onstad 11th 24-20 3rd Section
Levi Larkin 10th 22-20 5th Section
Blake Amundson 12th 21-26 2nd Section
Mason Nibbe 10th 15-21 (Prairie Valley)
Hunter Mickelsen 9th 7-6
Theodore Waskosky 12th 4-4
Chris Onstad 10th 6-7
Jamie Knothe 12th 3-3
Aiden Winter 10th 2-12
Kode Seifert 11th 2-6
Alex Butcher 9th 3-6


Royal Crow 39-9 1st Sec./6th State (124-46 Career)
Hunter Fick 35-2 1st Section/AC (97-27 Career)
Kyle Mickelsen 26-19 6th Section (78-77 Career)
Koel Seifert 13-21 6th Section


Head Coach: Art Meyer
Enrollment: 231
Section 6A

13-5 Overall
Section 6A Runner Up
Eleven Section Place Winners Seven State Qualifiers

First Place Paynesville "Bulldogs" Invitational: 197 Pts. (13 Placers)
First place Barnesville "Trojans" Invitational: 128.5 Pts. (10 Placers)
Third Place HOL/Mid-State Invitational: 157.5 Pts. (9 Placers) (13 Teams)
Fourth Place Cass Lake "Big Bear" Invitational: 123 Pts. (6 Placers)
Fourth Place Wahpeton "Dave Unruh" Invitational: 141 Pts. (7 Placers) (15 Teams)

Returning Wrestlers:

Brady Tweeton 10th 32-5 2nd Section
Kieran Johnson 11th 29-14 1st Section
Brady Martz 10th 29-14 2nd Section/AC
Conner Meyer 12th 24-5 2nd Section/AC
Caleb Stetz 10th 26-15 3rd Section/AC
Brady Berg 11th 14-4 3rd Section
Andrew Trowbridge 12th 17-18 5th Section
Chase Brenner 9th 14-10
Alex Peppel 12th 3-16
Josh Tweeton 12th 2-3


Rylee Anderson 27-7 2nd Section/AC (139-48 Career)
Zac Anderson 34-6 1st Section/AC (110-57 Career)
Dana Berg 30-5 6th Section/AC (105-41 Career)
Alex Settelmeyer 28-14 2nd Section (43-24 Career)


Head Coach: Mike Barthel
Enrollment: 128 Bertha Hewitt/132 Verndale
Section 6A

6-13 Overall Duals 2-2 Park Region Conference
Ten Section Place Winners Four State Qualifiers

Third Place Park Region Conference: 123.5 Pts. (8 Placers)
Fourth Place New London-Spicer "Wildcat" Invitational: 130.5 Pts. (11 Placers)
Fourth Place Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa "Jaguar" Invitational: 119 pts. (6 Placers)
Seventh Place Wadena/Deer Creek "Dennis Kaatz" Invitational: 87 Pts. (5 Placers)
Eighteenth Place Cass Lake "Big Bear" Invitational: 78 Pts. (3 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Ethan Kimber 11th 32-7 2nd Section/AC
Holt Truax 10th 29-10 2nd Section/AC
Zach Waln 12th 28-11 4th Section
Charlie Nienaber 12th 28-14 4th Section
Ethan Orlando 12th 11-5
Devin Dean 9th 11-19 6th Section
Brayton Bertram 10th 8-24 6th Section
Quinn Kern 9th 8-23
Cammron Powell 11th 4-17
Jarett Kveton 9th 5-17
Jarod Hall 12th 2-4
Cody Shamp 10th 2-5


Dillon Card 12-1 1st Sec./2nd State/AC (155-38 Career)
Anthony Kern 18-6 1st Section/AC (91-28 Career)
Hayden Truax 28-11 3rd Section (105-79 Career)
Marshall Willis 7-7 4th Section (68-67 Career)
Austin Ortiz


Head Coach: Eric Niemi
Enrollment: 184
Section 6A

10-11 Overall Duals 3-1 Park Region Conference
Final 4 Section 6A
Eight Section Place Winners

Second Place Fertile/Beltrami "Pine to Prairie" Invitational: 144 Pts. (10 Placers)
Sixth Place Park Region Conference: 98 Pts. (8 Placers)
Sixth Place West Central Area "Grant County" Invitational: 111.5 Pts. (6 Placers)
Seventh Place Central Cass "Letterman" Invitational: 114 Pts. (5 Placers)
Hillsboro Duals: (3-2)

Returning Wrestlers:

Sam Erckenbrock 12th 17-9 2nd Section
Jake Erckenbrack 10th 26-15 3rd Section
Matthew Frost 9th 21-12 4th Section
Jett Saewert 11th 19-15 4th Section
Nick Hendrickx 11th 19-17 5th Section
Zach Frost 12th 17-17
Mason Friedericks 11th 14-9
Jesse Roberts 12th 15-16 5th Section
Johnny Flynn 11th 16-22
Danny Frost 11th 8-14
Charlie Fox 10th 7-13
Dylan Fischer 9th 9-7
Carter Haman 9th 4-12


Jeremiah Harper 31-7 3rd Section (82-18 Career)
Austin Haman 24-13 3rd Section (73-63 Career)


Head Coach: Dave Anglin
Enrollment: 305
Section 6A

8-10 Overall Duals 2-3 Mid-State Conference
Nine Section Place Winners Two State Qualifiers

Sixth Place Parkers Prairie "Knight Hawk" Invitational: 112 Pts. (8 Placers)
Sixth Place Wadena/Deer Creek "Dennis Kaatz" Invitational: 93 Pts. (8 Placers)
Ninth Place HOL/Mid-State Conference Invitational: 59 Pts. (5 Placers)
First Place New York Mills "Eagles" Quadrangular: (3-0)
Twenty-First Place Cass Lake "Big Bear" Invitational: 57 Pts. (1 Placer)

Returning Wrestlers:

Alex Erpelding 11th 38-5 1st Sec./5th State/AC
Eric Lisson 11th 28-10 2nd Section
Spencer Miller 9th 21-13 5th Section
Jeremy Miller 12th 19-18 3rd Section
Blake Gerard 11th 18-18 4th Section
Kyle Serich 10th 14-14 6th Section
Blayne Dumprope 9th 16-16 5th Section
Dalton Holmberg 10th 9-13 4th Section
Braden Tyrrell 10th 7-20


Jake Swensrud 20-18
Dillon Massey 11-23 6th Section


Head Coach: Paul Frisch
Enrollment: 119 Wheaton/84 Clinton-Graceville-Bearsley/23 Herman Norcross
Section 6A

13-8 Overall Duals
Final 4 Section 6A
Twelve Section Place Winners Three State Qualifiers State Champion

Seventh Place Wahpeton "Dan Unruh" Invitational: 109 Pts. (7 Placers)
Eight Place Hutchinson "Tiger" Invitational: 68.5 Pts. (4 Placers)
Ninth Place West Central Area "Grant County" Invitational: 69 Pts. (5 Placers)
Thirty-Sixth Place Fargo "Rumble on the Red" Invitational: 49 Pts. (1 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Tracer Lee 12th 26-10 1st Section
Carter Behrens 12th 28-7 3rd Section
Eric Schwagel 11th 19-11 4th Section
Jacob Hasbargen 11th 15-14 5th Section
Dylan Menge 11th 11-18 6th Section
Jacob Sanasack 10th 13-11
Jason Martinez 10th 6-4
Dakota Andrews 11th 2-4
Aaron Sterling 10th 3-10


Cameron Sykora 38-0 1st Sec./1st State/5X Champ/214-13 Career
Mason Pullis 13-12 4th Section
Zac Adelman 9-10 5th Section
Josh Stueve 9-15 4th Section
Cormick Combellick 7-13 5th Section
Chris Kleindl 7-19 4th Section


Head Coach: Harold Holt
Enrollment: 225
Section 6A

7-14 Overall Duals
Eight Section Place Winners

Third Place Lake Park/Audubun "Terry Teiken" Invitational: 154 Pts. (9 Placers)
Fifth Place Parkers Prairie "Knight Hawk" Invitational: 122.5 Pts. (8 Placers)
Fourth Place Fertile/Beltrami "Northwest" Invitational: 82.5 Pts. (7 Placers)
Sixth Place Morris Area "Doctor Busian" Invitational: 82.5 Pts. (7 Placers)
Ninth Place West Central Area "Grant County" Invitational: 86 Pts. (6 Placers)
Eight Place HOL/Mid-State Conference Invitational: 79.5 Pts. (6 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Hobet Diaz 12th 32-10 4th Section
Dakota Pixley 12th 21-10 5th Section
Alex Diaz 12th 19-23 5th Section
Casey Kulsrud 11th 17-22 6th Section
Alejandro Romero 12th 17-21 All Conference
Matthew Osborne 8th 10-15
Carson Haugrud 10th 5-6 6th Section
Edwardo Romero 11th 6-13
Stanley Fisher 10th 3-12
Austin Simpson 10th 2-9
Brian Villagomez 12th 3-2
Armando Diaz 10th 2-4
James Fury 9th 1-3
Max Dykoff 8th 1-2


Daniel Franco 35-5 3rd Section/AC (105-47 Career)
Robert Mazariegas 25-10 3rd Section/AC (78-62 Career)
Nick Thompson 23-17 4th Section (41-37 Career)
Rosiles Rosiles 7-4
Kyle Tiggeman 1-17


Head Coach: Bill Wagner
Enrollment: 140 Parkers Prairie/51 Eagle Valley
Section 6A

5-15 Overall Duals 1-3 Park Region Conference
Five Section Place Winners Three State Qualifiers One Place Winner

Sixth Place Barnesville "Trojan" Invitational: 91 Pts. (5 Placers)
Seventh Place Parkers Prairie "Knight Hawk" Invitational: 107 Pts. (6 Placers)
Seventh Place Thief River Falls "Prowler" Invitational: 59 Pts. (4 Placers)
Ninth Place Park Region Conference: 80 Pts. (7 Placers)
Seventh Place Glencoe "Don Hall" Invitational: 82.5 Pts. (6 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Justin Mattocks 11th 30-14 2nd Section/AC
Josh Mckeown 11th 27-12 3rd Section
Tom Leeseberg 12th 18-22
Trevor Arceneau 9th 15-16
Will Dodds 10th 9-13
Tanner Johnson 9th 5-25
Eric Brauch 10th 4-11
Carter Rokes 8th 2-13
Zach Olson 8th 2-4
Zach Ward 11th 2-7


Logan Nibbe 40-1 1st Sec./2nd State/AC (130-30 Career)
Kyle Schlosser 22-12 1st Section/AC (94-96 Career)
Nick Shircliff 9-15 5th Section


Head Coach: Norm Gallant
Enrollment: 232
Section 6A

6-17 Overall Duals 1-5 Mid-State Conference
Five Section Place Winners One State Qualifier

Seventh Place Fertile/Beltrami "Pine to Prairie" Invitational: 62 Pts. (4 Placers)
Eight Place Wadena/Deer Creek "Dennis Kaatz" Invitational: 45 Pts. (4 Placers)
Fourth Place Mahnomen/Waubun "Cougar" Duals
Tenth Place Alexandria "Big Ole" Invitational: 20 Pts. (2 Placers)
Eleventh Place HOL/Mid-State Conference Invitational: 20 Pts. (2 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Chase Godel 10th 17-16 5th Section
Steven Erckenbrack 10th 15-22
Carter Wright 11th 12-18 2nd Section
Mason Snyder 8th 14-23 6th Section
Blaine Snyder 11th 16-22
Tyler Wheeler 11th 10-18
Colten Knudson 8th 8-9
Joseph Baker 10th 6-21
Logan Wegscheid 8th 3-3
Alex Anderson 8th 2-4


Tristan Godel 18-11 6th Section
Isaac Malone 18-16 6th Section


Head Coach: Pat Vold
Enrollment: 222
Section 6A

Dual Meet Record Unknown
Three Section Place Winners

Seventh Place Melrose "Early Bird" Invitational: 60 Pts. (3 Placers)
Ninth Place Lake Park "Terry Teiken" Invitational: 61.5 Pts. (6 Placers)
Eight Place Barnesville "Trojan" Invitational: 60 Pts. (5 Placers)
Eleventh Place Wahpeton "Dan Unruh" Invitational: 52 pts. (3 Placers)
Tenth Place Parkers Prairie "Knight Hawk" Invitational: 49 Pts. (3 Placers)
Eight Place Morris Area "Doctor Busian" Invitational: 32.5 Pts. (3 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers:

Treyton Hought 12th 21-12 1st Section
Travis Miranowski 12th 
Tyler Vold 12th 19-11 5th Section
Keegan Ruddy 10th 9-11 4th Section
Mason Meyer 10th 10-20
Tommy Hiedeman 10th 4-12
William Peterson 12th 1-17
Carter Giles 10th 1-14


Zach Haase 4-16

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